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A Step By Step Guide To Create A High Polish Challenge Coins

Hearing about challenge coins might take you back to history when they were used as a gift or reward to appreciate people.

This practice was mainly seen among the military people. But not anymore, as these items have currently found various other purposes.

Recently, most companies have started using these challenge coins for a number of promotional motives. Moreover, these accessories have also entered the fashion industry and are used to decorate several garments. So, if you are someone with a startup and looking for a practical marketing approach, then you can get help from Challenge Coins.

The fact is these elements come in a number of shapes, sizes and designs. Thus, you can also create a custom one for your business. If you are not aware of how then this article will lead you the way. So, keep reading and make yourself familiar with all the steps to craft the customised ones. 

Design Challenge Coins With An Immaculate Shine That Attracts Others From Distance

Most organisations find it hard to think of creative ways to reward their employees.

So, this is where challenge coins can help them. These easy-to-carry yet shiny objects can serve the purpose of a trophy or medal. All you need is to craft some Custom Coins with the name and position of the employee, and you are good to go. For your guidance, we are jotting down all the necessary steps that you need to consider while designing one below.

Offer It A High Polish, Not The Antique One

One of the appealing properties of these chips that catches the eyes of the viewer in one go is their lustrous appearance.

This feature is due to its high polish plating. It offers these coins a compelling mirror finish, which grabs the attention of the people even from the distance. On the other hand, the antique one is unable to reflect the light, so it’s not a good choice. But this high-polish plating option feels a little difficult to deal with if you are new to designing these emblems.

So, if you are planning to gift these accessories to your staff this time, then you need expert people to craft these elements. Aside from the sparkly look of the High Polish coins, they can be produced in less time at an affordable price.

Opt For Darker Tones To Create Contrast And Visual Effects

When opting for high-polish challenge coins, keep in mind that they don’t possess any natural shading for their recessed parts.

But the emblems reflect the shady area when it comes to antique finishes. The fact is, when you opt for shimmery polish, it will make some textures and details of the design difficult to see. Thus, to obtain the shaded details on your high-polished coin, you can fill the enamel colour directly between the recesses area.

As a result, you will get a noticeable contrast between the polished and darker areas. Due to that, you will get a unique yet captivating reflection.

Emerged Text Or Add Colour On Recessed Text

An element that you can play with for adding customisation is the text. But, as we discussed above, the shiny polish of challenge coins can make it tough to read the text on them due to the sparkly surface. Thus, to make this element prominent on your coins, you must add some shading.

Additionally, when these emblems possess a background which is filled with colour, then the emerging text on it looks more polished and clean. Moreover, if you want to create a contrasting effect on your coins, then you can also use shades on the recessed text.

When you are done deciding how you want your text to look, it’s time to choose the pigments for them. It is recommended to opt for darker ones for the raised areas and lighter options for the lower sections. As a result, this approach will make your desired text easy to read. But make sure to use bold fonts for this element of your coins.

Go For Dual-Plating

Do you want to make your challenge coin look creative but of high quality? The easiest way to do that is through dual-plating it.

But before you pick this option, make sure that one of the plates contains high polish. For that, you can either take an equal amount of polish for both plates, or you can just opt for the shimmery polish on the particular details. As a result, the dual shine will offer a unique touch to the look of your coin design.

Lastly, no matter how much high polish you use on your coin, it will undoubtedly make the design stand out from the rest. So, don’t hesitate with the quantity of this element.

Keep The Details Of 3D Moulded Simple

If you want your challenge coin to look catchy in the eyes of the viewers, then you can use the 3D mouled method on it.

But make sure to keep the design simple if you want to opt for high-polishing plating. Moreover, it’s hard to calculate how much detailing on a coin will look extra. Thus, it is recommended to keep the part of your coin with a 3D effect simple, or you can use a shaded background for that for an excellent presentation.

Lastly, if you want to showcase the best effect of the shimmery surface of your coin, then you can go for the basic rounded design or simple geometric shapes.

All in all, these are a few steps that can surely help you craft a high-polish challenge coin. We have covered each pointer in an easy and compelling way for your understanding.


Whether you plan to reward your employees or distribute freebies among your loyal customers, challenge coins can do both jobs perfectly.

So, stop investing in pamphlets or flyers and start opting for these accessories for unique yet effective results. For your assistance, we have listed all the pointers above that can help you in crafting a compelling coin design.

So, why delay more when you can implement our guide to create eye-catching pieces? We bet you won’t regret this choice.

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